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A round-up of the best WordPress themes providers

[tweetmeme] As you probably noticed in 2009, it has become a little harder to sort out the good quality WordPress themes from the huge amount of basic themes that are released every week in the WordPress sphere. For those of you looking for high standard designs only, it is nice to know that there are a few players over there that never disappoint when it comes to providing quality stuff. Today we wanted to share with you a list of who we think are the best WordPress theme designers of the moment.

Our list is probably incomplete, but rest assured that we will keep updating it continually, as new players emerge from the crowd. Tell us what you think, and feel free to contribute!

Aloha Themes

Aloha Themes offer professional fun pop-styled WordPress themes with improved backend functionality.  There are over 10 themes so far in the collection of Aloha Themes.

View Aloha themes | Visit Aloha Themes website


BandThemer is a new premium theme provider specializing in WordPress themes for bands and musicians. The themes include features specifically geared for bands such as embedded music, video, and photo options, tour date listings and social media links to connect with the fans.

View Band Themer themes | Visit BandThemer website

Blog Oh Blog!

Blog Oh! Blog offers some free and paid premium themes. There are about 10 premium paid themes in the collection so far mainly with a clean and modern style.

View Blog Ho Blog themes
| Visit Blog Oh Blog website


Blurbia offers high-quality WordPress themes (often magazine-style) with some nifty frontend and backend features.  Their themes offer great freedom and design flexibility with great  ease-of-configuration.

View Blurbia themes | Visit Blurbia website


Elegant Themes provides attractive and user friendly themes with a touch of simplicity, and for sure, a good dose of elegance. For  $19.95 per year only, you can access to all of Elegant themes (about 30 in total), that makes it one of the most competitive provider in term of pricing.

View ElegantThemes themes | Visit ElegantThemes website


Gabfire Themes was founded in 2008 by Mehmet Özekinci a 29-year old independent web designer based in Estonia. Today Gabfire offers 8 professional quality themes mostly magazine-style inspired. All Gabfire themes come with extensive tutorials, and instructions to install as well as a backend customization page for appearance tweaking.

View Gabfire themes | Visit Gabfire website

Gorilla Themes

No monkey business. Just unique themes that are easy to use! Gorilla Themes has more than 12 great looking colorful themes. All the themes have some great built-in functionality such as Auto-Image Resizing (with thumbnails), Banner Ad Management, Threaded comments and some extensive theme options.

View Gorilla Themes themes | Visit Gorilla Themes  website

Graph Paper Press

Graph Paper Press is increasingly focused on helping visual artists, photographers, video, and new media producers present their work to the world.  They offer graphically minimal, content-rich themes that provide readers with multiple entry points to access your content.

View Graph Paper Press themes | Visit Graph Paper Press website


iThemes is one of the leaders in producing high-quality premium WordPress themes for photographers, designers, and businesses. iThemes offers around 15 themes mostly business oriented. They also offer some themes builder that allow you to build almost any kind of new layout or page template in minutes (without knowing code).

View iThemes themes | Visit iThemes website


ModThemes is fairly new to the market. ModThemes offers a collection of high end, premium WordPress themes beautifully designed for bloggers and small businesses. All themes include a simple backend options page where you can easily select the layout, number of posts in specific sections and add content.

View ModThemes themes | Visit ModThemes website


NattyWP premium wordpress themes Club offers to its members access to quality and professional WordPress themes. They have over 30 themes in their collection and have very affordable pricing.

View NattyWP themes | Visit NattyWP website


Obox is run by Marc and David Perel, who also host  the popular Online Video show “From the Couch“. Obox offers quality WordPress themes with gorgeous design and clean code. All of their themes are also powered with their “OCMX-Live” content management system that makes it easy to manage adverts, galleries, comments and much more.

View Obox themes | Visit Obox website


Photocrati is the leading provider of WordPress themes for photographers. Photocrati is run by photographers for photographers and only offer photo-related themes. Their themes are very clean and modern, with only one focus: beautifully showcasing your photos, images and illustrations.

View Photocrati themes | Visit Photocrati website


Press75 is another well known WordPress themes provider and has stunning collection of very professional themes, each for $75, with cutting edge features, customization and management options. For only $275.00, you get access to all themes on… past, present and future (12 in total so far) which is a great value considering the quality provided.

View Press75 themes | Visit Press75 website

Pro Theme Design

Pro Theme was established in 2007 by two experienced web developers, programmer Ben Gillbanks in London and designer Darren Hoyt in New York City. Emphasizing quality over quantity, Pro Theme has specialized in WordPress clean, slick magazine-style themes.

View Pro Theme Design themes | Visit Pro Theme Design website


RichWP offers Rich WordPress solutions from feature-rich through absolute minimal WordPress themes. All the 12 themes come with an extensive theme options page that allows you to change colors, fonts, and more with a few mouse clicks.

View RichWP themes | Visit RichWP website


Originally RocketTheme was started as a Joomla Template Club.  Over the years the club has grown to become one of the most recognized authorities in Joomla template design.
They recently extended their offer to the WordPress themes. So far they offer about 10 themes (colorful-graphical style), but they probably will offer much more throughout the year.

View RocketTheme themes | Visit RocketTheme website


Solostream offers premium WordPress business themes and WordPress magazine themes that are stylish, professional and easy to use. They have over 20 quality themes so far starting at $79.

View Solostream themes | Visit Solostream website


StudioPress is probably one of the most popular and respected WordPress theme provider. They offer extremely professionally and well designed themes, mainly business focused. They recently launched a very promising advanced theme framework called Genesis that will surely help them provide even more astonishing themes.

View StudioPress themes | Visit StudioPress website


StyleWP produces high-quality themes at very affordable prices that will enhance the appearance and functionality of your WordPress installation instantly.
The themes come with built-in admin option pages, different color schemes, ad banners management and much more.

View RocketTheme themes | Visit RocketTheme website


Templatic offers excellent quality themes in diverse range of use, from simple blogging, to job board or complete e-commerce solutions. Templatic was previously known as PremiumThemes. They recently re-branded themselves as Templatic and we must admit this “upgrade” has been very well done. No doubt they are going to have a huge success with their themes this year.

View Templatic themes | Visit Templatic website


ThemeForest is probably the largest marketpalce of its kind for CMS themes and site templates. As opposed to the other theme providers, Themforest offers themes designed by independent designers, which explains the huge choice of themes they offer (500+ themes). ThemeForest also offers very affordable prices.

View ThemeForest themes | Visit ThemeForest website

Theme Galaxy

Simple themes but really effective themes for bloggers, Theme Galaxy offers 9 premium themes starting at $24 from business themes, through magazine, professional and portfolio themes.

View Theme Galaxy themes | Visit Theme Galaxy website


ThemeShift is a new entrant to the WordPress themes market. Tthey have incredibly elegant-looking modern themes. Every theme is fully localized and translated into English, Spanish and German. Support will also be provided in these languages.

View ThemeShift themes | Visit ThemeShift website

Theme Snack

Theme Snack is a premium WordPress theme workshop, focused on bringing high quality themes to creative people. They are fairly new to the WordPress theme market and only offer 2 themes so far, but these are excellent quality. Theme Snack is definitely a promising WordPress themes provider, we’re really looking to seeing their coming releases.

View Theme Snack themes | Visit Theme Sanck website

Theme Spinner

Theme Spinner offers a wide range of attractive widget-ready, customizable and AdSense integrated WordPress themes at affordable prices. (prices range from $29 to $69)

View Theme Spinner themes | Visit Theme Spinner website

Viva Themes

Viva Themes offer professionally designed WordPress themes for businesses, blogs or personal sites. They have an excellent customer support, and their themes are mostly targeting business and companies.

View Viva Themes themes | Visit Viva Themes website


WooThemes, co-founded by Adii “Rockstar”, could probably be considered as the leading WordPress premium themes designer. They have over 50 premium themes (paid and free) all with stunning quality designs and advanced admin functionality.

View WooThemes themes | Visit WooThemes website


WPNow offers premium WordPress themes with professional graphics and functionality. They have 8 themes very appealing and attractive at prices that are affordable.

View WPNow themes | Visit WPnow website


WPZOOM is a small team of two talented web-designers. They provide some beautiful themes, as well as excellent support for all customers. They have 15 themes so far in their collection.

View WPZOOM themes | Visit WPZOOM website


Zidalgo  offers easily customizable designs, built from the ground up with clean, documented code. A single license theme cost 75$ and they offer a choice 7 themes so far.

View Zildago themes | Visit Zidalgo website

Pro Theme was established in 2007 by two experienced web developers, programmer Ben Gillbanks in London and designer Darren Hoyt in New York City. Emphasizing quality over quantity, Pro Theme has specialized in WordPress clean, slick magazine-style themes.

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  1. Great wordpress design sites, thanks.

  2. cool design sites for wordpress, with all the themes churning out lately on the net its quite hard to find the good ones.

  3. This is great. It is just right that you have added Obox and Elegant to this list. They are also my favorite providers of themes.

  4. Great collection of themes. It is so important to have an interesting and eye-catching page.

  5. These are really nice, it’s interesting how elegant themes is so cheap compared to some others, but they still manage to have nice templates. I also like woo themes, but have bought a couple off themeforest as well.

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