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The best coming soon / domain parking WordPress themes

[tweetmeme]Coming soon pages or – domain parking pages – as some like to call them, have had an increasing popularity over the last months. They serve several purposes and are now an important part of a new or existing website marketing strategy with some obvious benefits:

  • Raise awareness and build traffic to your site (being featured on some css/design galleries or design blog posts)
  • Strengthen your brand with a creative page
  • Make your visitors take actions (register, signup for beta etc)
  • Make some maintenance/upgrade work (when the site is already public)

So we put together a list of the best coming soon WordPress themes and plugins. Hope you’ll find one for your new WordPress blog or site! We actually even created a category in just for the coming soon WordPress themes! Hope you’ll like our selection!

And of course, if you know some other coming soon themes/plugins that are not listed here, make sure to post a comment below with the link to it!


Theme DetailsTheme Demo


Theme DetailsTheme Demo

Coming soon plugin

Plugin Details


Theme DetailsTheme Demo

WP Blueprint

Theme Details

WP Coming Soon

Theme DetailsTheme Demo

Ice Breaker

Theme DetailsTheme Demo


Theme DetailsTheme Demo

Changing Room

Theme DetailsTheme Demo


Theme DetailsTheme Demo

Maintenance Mode Plugin

Theme Details Theme Demo


Theme DetailsTheme Demo


Theme DetailsTheme Demo

Under Construction Theme

Theme Details | Theme Demo


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2 Comments (Add Yours)

  1. Actually, I’d like a real PARKING PAGE… You know, where I can put a ton of relevant links to affiliate programs… etc… These are just “under construction” themes….

  2. Most articles about WP Parking themes list only 3 themes – LaunchPad, Undercon and Changing room. This is a welcome change from that trend.

    Nice article but most of the links are not working. You might need to fix that. In addition, one of the links contains malware.

    By the way, if you could provide a link to download Undercon, that’d be great.

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