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The best WordPress themes of January 2011


Continuing our series of best WordPress themes of the month, here is a selection of great designs released by the top providers in January 2011. Hope you like it! There are more and more themes providers producing top quality themes and it’s getting harder and harder to pick the best themes each month. So keep up the good work theme developers!


Designed by Wumblr – Theme Details


Designed by Newsy – Theme Details

Fresh News

Designed by Fresh News – Theme Details

Bold News

Designed by Bold News – Theme Details


Designed by Placeholder – Theme Details


Designed by Biznizz – Theme Details

Harimau Malaya

Designed by Harimau Malaya – Theme Details


Designed by Capture – Theme Details


Designed by Anticipate – Theme Details

Event Eleganttheme

Designed by Event Eleganttheme – Theme Details


Designed by WikiBase – Theme Details

Maxi Business

Designed by Maxi Business – Theme Details

Discipline Theme

Designed by Discipline Theme – Theme Details

Advanced Portfolio

Designed by Advanced Portfolio – Theme Details


Designed by Bulldog – Theme Details

MofM Coming Soon

Designed by MofM Coming Soon – Theme Details

Done Deal

Designed by Done Deal – Theme Details


Designed by PureVision – Theme Details

Paradise WordPress

Designed by Paradise WordPress – Theme Details

Classica WP Theme

Designed by Classica WP Theme – Theme Details

Seduction WP

Designed by Seduction WP – Theme Details


Designed by Visual – Theme Details


Designed by Creativo – Theme Details


Designed by Sabuy – Theme Details

RT-Theme 12

Designed by RT-Theme 12 – Theme Details


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