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GeoGarden GeoGarden is a simplified geo-tagging theme built specifically for ThemeGarden, featuring a really simple way to style all color elements within the site, it was developed using a custom built CSS3 framework, where all of the gradients, rotated layers, curved corners and drop-shadows are all achieved by using CSS3 and work across all browsers (with some minor limitations for IE8 or less)…Add places to your map using the WordPress custom post types, or create standard blog post entries; GeoGarden is designed for simple context and if the height of the content is less than the height of the window, everything will be automatically centered…GeoGarden is also fully Internationalized and ready for translation – including the custom post types and taxonomies of “places”… In addition to that, geoRSS features have been added, the top navigation logo and social-media links are easy to update, and there is also a selection of page templates and widgets built specifically for GeoGarden…

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