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Smoke and Mirrors - FULL

With a minimalist design focused on white space, typography and solid colors, this theme is aimed at those of you who want your content to ooze style and sophistication.

Because this theme is focused on blogging we have tried to give you a bit more power when it comes to the layout of your posts. It is therefore possible to position your posts feature image in one of three different locations (above, to the left or to the right of the copy).

Other features include our new Like and Unlike post voting system, bread crumb navigation and Author Post details. The usual OCMX-Live features that we pack with all our themes are also included.

Before this WordPress theme was releases we created a Micro Blog called Smoke & Tumble. The micro blog is designed to go hand in hand with this theme, so we suggest that you also download the free Smoke & Tumble package when purchasing Smoke & Mirrors.

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